Buff Strickland’s lush, documentary-style photography is sought-after by food and fashion brands alike. As the photographer’s star rises, she needs more impressive brand materials — and has less and less time to devote to their creation. Merrygood partnered with Buff to design her logo and templates for simple promotional postcards — but now it was time to up her game.


Buff Strickland had spent a year or more generating images for the new book Camille Styles Entertaining by local blogger and Merrygood client, Camille Styles. With this success in-hand, the photographer wanted a stand-out promotional piece to showcase her work on the book as well as other noteworthy projects.


Gathering inspiration from editorial spreads found in high fashion or food magazines, we crafted a variety of playful layouts paired with the occasional bold headline. We designed the book to be slightly larger than a postcard, but not so large that it would be cumbersome for her recipients to keep on-hand.

As a special touch, we added tear-out cards featuring recipes and photos from Camille’s book. To wrap up the piece, we had fun with informal photos from her active Instagram account. This technique personalized the book and provided a practical, visual base for contact information.


Merrygood's concept development and Buff Strickland’s carefully photo editing resulted in a lush, 40-page book promoting her brand, her unique point-of-view, and her skills and experience as a photographer.