This interior design company partners with clients to create beautiful spaces. Chelsea Kloss, lead designer and founder, has a bright personality, love of color, and an editorial-style design sensibility that’s a delight to clients.. As if often the case, solving client design challenges left little time for development of the company’s own brand. Merrygood was excited to help.


Chelsea + Remy Design was bogged down with an outdated, difficult to update site. Consequently, the site featured old work that didn’t represent the firm's current design aesthetic. Chelsea Kloss, lead designer and founder, was ready to “go big or go home” with a full re-brand including a new logo, brand imagery, color, fonts, and ultimately a brand new website.

Chelsea wanted to capture the visual punch and unique personality that she brings to interior design. She also wanted to incorporate her dog and loving counterpart, Remy, without confusing clients who sometimes mistake the pooch as a business partner.


Merrygood developed a clean and colorful brand system to reflect the firm’s unique personality. The plus in the new logo provides a perfect pop of color. A thoughtfully expanded color palette marks each item in her portfolio and emphasizes custom solutions while maintaining brand identity.

The brand plays out in an easy-to-update website highlighting the beautiful spaces the firm creates. Messaging and a gridded layout emphasizes Chelsea’s ability to tailor looks for each unique client, showcasing a variety of styles without pitting one against another.

Project content concretely demonstrates the firm’s design talent, so we made site design choices to create engagement with her vast portfolio. To keep users clicking, we offered a mix of styles on each page, easy-to-find next or back buttons, and a selection of curated “you might also like” links that make exploration easy.  

Merrygood found fun ways to incorporate Remy as a quirky brand element without creating confusion. A new “Remy icon” punctuates award-winning spaces on the site, and can be carried over into printed materials including business cards.

Other unique touches include a fun Q&A that expresses Chelsea’s bright personality and readily scannable headlines that help users find information they’re most interested in.


This work resulted in a bright, personality-infused brand that the client loves, and that sets her apart in her industry. The site design successfully engages users with portfolio content, boasting an average of 21-pages view per site visit. The new site is easy to consume and easy to update with new projects — a quality essential to Chelsea + Remy’s strategic need to reflect a fresh aesthetic over time.