FOURHANDS.COM site redesign

When you see a beautiful piece of furniture at any number of your favorite retailers, you may be admiring a piece from Four Hands. This leading furniture wholesaler offers timeless pieces and touchable textures that mix and match, effortlessly. While Four Hands designs are usually reserved for top wholesale buyers, the brand has made a one-of-a-kind retail experience available only in Austin, Texas.



Four Hands is a wholesaler and a retailer — and that’s a complex story to tell. The brand sells to widely varying audiences, from wholesale buyers to interior designers, to Austin-area consumers, and even discount shoppers. The brand was operating three unique sites that seemed to confuse more than serve these audiences. In fact, the smaller site for their Austin-only brick-and-mortar location was gaining more traffic than the larger wholesale site, which was intended for a much larger, mostly national audience. The brand wanted a solution.


Merrygood helped Four Hands unify the three sites to create a more powerful and efficient online presence for the brand. Rather than directing different segments to different sites, the new site directs each segment to the content and conversion path that is best for them.

To create the best transactional paths for each of six unique audiences, we carefully researched the business model, the goals for each segment, and the needs of each segment. Partnering with AdaptDev, a custom development company responsible for the back-end technology of the site, we proposed a site that would greet visitors with a chance to personalize their Four Hands experience.

When Austin-area consumers enter their ZIP code, the site offers more about the brand’s retail presence available only in Austin, Four Hands Home. Wholesale buyers are offered content about the brand’s presence at industry furniture markets, and can register for access to an online marketplace exclusive to the trade, and a major transactional goal for the company.

From site analytics, we saw that users were spending twice as much time with content offering concrete product details as with Four Hands’ beautifully photographed inspirational settings. We proposed a new content strategy to bring these offerings together to better engage the audience. A new “Explore Products” experience allows users to gain inspiration from beautiful room settings that provide product details and propel them towards transaction. Whether that transaction is a consumer shopping at the Austin store, or a retailer or designer applying to their Customer Circle or Design Circle programs, the overarching goal was engagement.

A new, unified blog helps create synergy across the brand. Just as in fashion’s runway shows, new trends unearthed at industry furniture markets inspire wholesale clients, smaller interior designers, and retail consumers to engage with Four Hands.  


The new site allows Four Hands to raise awareness of their overarching brand story, get users to both inspirational content and concrete product details, and gain more traction with the content they create all in one place — and the effort is really paying off. Since the launch, the brand is seeing the highest sales numbers in the history of the company.