Freescale, an Austin technology company with a global reach, is used to pursuing and achieving success. This time, however, the Freescale team was in a tough spot with distance, deadlines, and demanding requirements. Merrygood was there to make things better, fast.


Freescale was facing a conference in Berlin that required a detailed presentation of the company’s New technology. Though the team really wanted to create the presentation in-house, the demands of international conference travel and stiff time constraints motivated them to seek a trusted collaborator.


Partnering with AdaptDev, Merrygood parsed through challenging technical concepts and a blizzard of acronyms to design a tablet experience that would entice a technically-savvy audience and visually showcase the Freescale technology. The challenge was to create a sleek experience with engaging animations in time for AdaptDev to develop it.

Merrygood responded with iterative, on-time deliveries and solid animation concepts that allowed Freescale to readily review and approve. Clear communication and collaboration between partners ensured forward momentum and timely completion.


The Freescale team was extremely happy with the resulting tablet experience. Though it was built on a tight timeline, the end result looked as if we had all the time in the world.