A Glimmer of Hope


When you walk into the offices of A Glimmer of Hope, you are instantly transported. The non-profit works to lift women and children in Ethiopia out of poverty by providing safe sources of water, education and health care facilities, and micro loans. The non-profit emphasizes the joy and potential of the people of Ethiopia, celebrating vibrant progress, motivating new donors, and making success feel completely within reach.

Merrygood exceeded our expectations by listening to our needs, asking the right questions to get at our goals and delivering spot-on, beautiful materials that elevated our messaging and organizational brand. Nicole always goes above and beyond and figures out how to problem solve with us so that we are equipped with materials we can integrate into our day-to-day work to fit our needs and connect with our audiences.
— Kendra Beach, A Glimmer of Hope


A Glimmer of Hope frequently meets with donors, often with little notice. At each meeting, the staff hoped to offer a professional, branded experience that would provide donors with customized information regarding efforts in Ethiopia — and how their donations can help. In addition to facing customized needs for each meeting, the non-profit’s work efforts in Ethiopia are also ever-changing. Though budgets are limited, the staff constantly needs new materials reflecting the latest efforts.


Merrygood took the initiative to design a solution that would not only offer a seamless brand experience, but that could also be maintained on a budget. We created a series of one-sheeters that maintain a consistent, purposeful look and feel. Smart touches like templates headers look good when used singly, or in combination. In cases of closely related projects or villages, a booklet approach was proposed to condense and strengthen the pitch


A Glimmer of Hope now has a professional system of one-pagers and booklets that reflect the non-profit’s work. Materials can be seamlessly mixed and matched with limited prep time, and on a dime. Templates can be updated to reflect the most recent accomplishments, and even adapted to incorporate new project types or locations as the non-profit’s strategy evolves — an efficiency essential to their budgetary needs.