Gypsy Sky Photo House is the company of Courtney Rutherford, a photographer specializing in editorial children's photography. Her whimsical style and free spirit is definitely something that shines through in her work and something she wanted reflected in her brand as well.



Courtney had recently evolved her photography style from more traditional family portraits to highly editorial shoots that encompass an artistic and etherial-type quality. Her original brand wasn't reflecting the high-level care and creativity that goes in to each shoot. Thus, Merrygood was tasked not only in creating a new brand and website, but also a new name that would help take Courtney to the next level. 


Our very first step was the name, as that would really drive how we created a complimentary look. Through a list of options we landed on Gypsy Sky as it defines a certain freedom and boundlessness which is a philosophy Courtney applies to her company vision. The brand is inspirational, and that's exactly how she wants her clients to feel when they reach out to book a session. 

Next we developed the brand. That began by taking a look at the surrounding competition. What were the commonalities among other Austin photographers? How can we make this brand stand out? The logo we created had the feeling of a stamp which has a casual appeal, and it had the icon component of the feather which we could apply to things like watermarks on her photographs and branded USB drives for delivering images. 

For the site our challenge was creating a presence that put forth her signature editorial style without alienating existing clients that love her for her family photography and classic style. Thus, we created session-types with descriptive names that give a tangible feel to each session. This helped to bucket the different approaches Courtney has with her clients and the type of shoot they're looking for. We also wanted to be very clear with the level of effort that goes into each shoot as well as a clear explanation of what each shoot delivers (something we noticed could be a bit muddled and confusing with other portrait photography sites).

Courtney also provides less expensive shared day sessions to existing clients; but as a way to increase newsletter sign-ups and gain traction on social media, we recommended opening up these sessions to new clients and announcing availability only through the newsletter and on social media. 


Courtney landed two jobs within 24 hours of the site launch. Already her site is garnering significantly more traffic than the previous one and is definitely a stand-out among her peers.