ID Notify Site Redesign

CSID is a leading provider of global identity protection and fraud detection services. When they were ready to launch their suite of customized solutions for Intuit TurboTax, Merrygood helped give it its own identity.



The problem with identity protection is most people don’t realize they need it until it’s too late. And when you’re worried, the last thing you want is a confusing website with lots of copy. The challenge with this project was offering enough detail to explain a complicated product set without overwhelming users—especially those who might already be dealing with an identity theft.


With this project, we wanted to bring a human relationship to identity protection without ignoring the fact that so much of our lives exist online. The brand is about communicating that risk while also balancing it with a solution that takes away the worry.

 Practical content organization makes it easy for consumers to navigate the site and compare different plans to choose the one that’s right for them. The site offers minimal explanations of the products, with additional information available in expanders for people who want more details.