Marketplace and Showroom Sites

This leading furniture wholesaler is known for beautiful, high-quality pieces that appeal to retailers and customers alike. Four Hands needed help redesigning two existing retail sites: The first, Marketplace, would be used by designers or buyers to purchase Four Hands products at wholesale for their stores or customers. The second site, Showroom, would be a more consumer facing version of Marketplace. Buyers and designers would be able to customize the interface with their logo and display Four Hands products directly to customers with a retail mark-up.



Each season, Four Hands offers more than 60 different collections with a wide range of individual SKUs. The company needed a better way to help their wholesale customers explore and buy these product lines. We gave the new site designs a much more sophisticated look with a lifestyle feel that took advantage of the company’s wonderful product photography.


We collaborated with Four Hands’ creative director and internal team throughout the project, starting with deep competitive research to highlight retail design trends and determine the best approach for more complex interactions (think sectionals that could be configured with multiple fabrics and finishes).

Next, we conducted a full sitemap analysis and reorganized the navigation and content to make browsing more intuitive. And because Showroom and Marketplace are such similar sites, there are a few notable features that we implemented across both with great success.

 With the new content structure, products are merchandized more like a retail store; customers can shop by collection, by room or by product category, and the site automatically suggests related items. A new system of icons makes it easy to see shipment availability.

We also created a Lookbook that works like a moodboard, featuring beautiful lifestyle photography with tagged items so wholesale customers can easily shop the look. Smart backend functionality ensures that if a client doesn’t have access to a particular product set, images featuring those products won’t appear in their Lookbook.

 Our development partner, Adapdev, brought the vision to life. They built the site using Kentico, an integrated platform that combines CMS, e-commerce and online marketing functionality.