Resolution Ranch Academy



When you arrive Resolution Ranch, you experience the powerful combination of an authentically rustic Texas ranch and a therapeutic boarding school. We know, because we’ve made the journey many times in our quest to gain a deep understanding of the brand, the setting, and the day-to-day reality of the school’s unique and healing program.



Resolution Ranch, a therapeutic boarding school, had a difficult-to-update website that did little to build trust with parents of troubled teens. The school’s content was disorganized and sometimes disrupted by terms included in an effort to gain SEO traction.

We drove 1.5 hours out to the ranch as many times as necessary to interview key staff members and see the program first-hand. We analyzed the competition, learning that poor content organization and visuals make it difficult for stressed (and often out-of-state) parents to comprehend what competing schools offer.

Finally, we examined analytics to understand parent needs and behaviors. Partnering with Pivotal Analytics, we learned that parents who filled out the contact form tended to act within just 24 hours of their first site visit.


To help Resolution Ranch stand out, we concepted an clear, linear story to help parents grasp the program, step-by-step. We recommended the Squarespace platform to enable the school’s staff to manage site content easily.

Partnering with Merrygood client Buff Strickland, we supported the school’s story with beautiful, documentary-style photography. Now, program details, staff, and setting are front-and-center. A new Life at the Ranch page helps parents picture what student life is like morning-to-night.

Removing SEO-inspired footer links, we instead used seamless page and image descriptors to gain SEO traction without disrupting the message. A new blog leverages newsletter content the school was already creating to improve search rankings with frequent site updates, and offer the staff a flexible place to include and address popular search terms.


The new Resolution Ranch site expresses the school’s brand and is built on a user-friendly platform that allows easy updates. A clean design provides a linear, visual narrative to create transparency and establish trust. Clear, organized content helps parents digest the details and easily reach out to Resolution Ranch when they are ready.