Customer Journey

For brands that sell a product or service to consumers, there are many opportunities to engage them—whether it’s through your website, social media accounts or an eye-catching email marketing campaign. Is your company optimizing on those touch points?

Merrygood will help you map out your customer’s journey and determine how to gain new customers and maintain current customer loyalty through a compelling experience at every turn.

Deliverables may include: a newly designed website, social media recommendations, packaging design, email communications, and more.


Tattoo Goo
As the brand strategists for Tattoo Goo, a skincare product for tattoos, Merrygood helped the company attract new customers, boost brand awareness and increase sales. Since the initial site redesign, Tattoo Goo has seen record-breaking sales. See how we did it.

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Brand Refresh:

Every successful company has to keep up with the ever-changing industry landscape and visual trends. If your website, marketing collateral and creative assets are more than a few years old, it may be time for a brand refresh.

Merrygood will work with you to look at how your current materials have or haven’t worked and use that as a basis for defining design solutions to take your brand to the next level.

Projects may include: site redesign, creative asset refresh (logo, photo style and brand colors), supporting collateral update (business cards, print materials, etc.).


Tiff's Treats
We took the Austin-based warm cookie delivery company to new heights with a website that incorporated their fans and created a fresh aesthetic for their cookies. See how we did it.

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Brand Extension:

When businesses expand their offering or have a need to highlight a specific facet of the company (for a trade show or event), it’s often a good time to think about overall brand identity and how every component works in harmony.

Merrygood will become familiar with your core business inside-and-out, as well as learn your goals for communicating your company's offering in relation to the brand extension.

Deliverables may include: branding (logo, fonts, brand colors, etc.), site design, kiosk or tablet experience, event or trade show collateral, etc.


Freescale semiconductor corporation had a new technology to present at an upcoming trade show. To help Freescale showcase their offering at the event, Merrygood created a digital strategy with an easy-to-use tablet-based experience. See how we did it. 

Client's We've Helped: